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Birth & Parenthood Preparation

My pregnancy Mentoring

Pregnancy and parenthood is a time of great and deep change. Working for more than 10 years in the realm of birth and in 3 different countries, I have seen that what matters are 3 things:
1- How empowered you feel in your parenthood journey.
2 – How flexible you are in face of unknown situation.
3 – How much support your allowing yourself to get.

My aim through mentoring is to guide you so you can find your own way towards pregnancy, birth and parenting. Deeply committed to support couples and future parents, I’ve compiled my experience as a midwife, as a doula, and as a birth and sexuality coach to create this program.
Whether you have a hospital-birth, homebirth, natural birth or cesearean birth project, you are welcome here.

The four main topics :

  1. Theory:
    Knowing is power! And up-to-date theory is the beginning to know: what’s happening to your body, what are the different options and how to make decisions. It’s a precious tool to feel empowered and to navigate childbirth.
  2. Building a tool box :
    Here you’ll find : Pain-coping practices, Hands-on techniques, massages and positions, exercices to connect as a couple. This tool-box will give you and your birth partner different ways to go through labour and postpartum together.
  3. Couple :
    When I mean couple, I mean a Birthing parent (regardless of gender and sex) and a Birthing partner (same). Here we look at some communication tools, how to relate and how to build-up even more trust and surrendering.
  4. Introspection :
    Finally, Birth is a tremendous changing journey and intuition is your most reliable compass. Through exercises, use of archetypes and birth art we question how to get prepared for the Unknown.


Birth & parenthood prepartion

Here are all the bases (in my opinion and experience) to get a good understanding of labour, birth and postpartum.
Yet, this program goes deeper than most of the courses because we will also look at what is happening inside of you. Looking at fear (or birth Tigers as we call them), representations, expectations, identity shift as individual and couple.

  The group preparation course package contains :

  – 2 full Saturday to meet and dive deep in the preparation with introspective exercises, massages and pain-coping practices
–  Several videos/text resources. 
   – 4 recordings of pain-coping practices
   – 1 visit in the first 2 weeks after your baby’s birth with a homemade meal.



Program of the 2 in-person meetings


What do you know about birth and how ?

      • Exploring beliefs and stories.
      • What do you imagine about birth and parenting.
      • How to find the right information for you.
      • Anatomy 101.

 How to navigate from early labour to birth ?

      • Looking at the physiology of labour and birth : How does it start, how does labour progress.
      • How to make your safe space.
      • How to manage labour : positions, massage and mindset.
      • How to communicate in your couple.
      • Pain-coping practices 1st part.




  When the unexpected happens and how to make decisions.

      • Teaching about the different pain-relief what do they do and how,
      • What unexpected events looks like : cesarean birth, emergencies, inductions
      • How to make a descision: Role play exercice.
      • Pain-coping practices 2nd part.

Postpartum, where the journey begins.

      • What does baby needs : feeding, baby care, understanding your baby,
      • How to make the most of the first 40days : Recovering and adapting. Making a postpartum plan.
      • How to care about your couple: exercices, talk about challenges, communication and sexuality.



We decided to do birth mentoring with Claire when my fear about labor reached level 7/10.
Meetings with Claire has changed everything. Claire helped me face my fears about labor and hospital producers in foreign country. Thanks to her experience and unconventional approach changed my fears into self confidence, trust in myself, Baby and in the process. Based on her knowledge, passion and international experience Claire showed us the honest path of labor and postpartum. 
– Paulina



Thank you again for everything you did for us during the pregnancy, we were ready for our baby’s arrival and we made the most of it!

– Mathilde

You have helped me enormously to gain confidence in myself to start this new journey and come out of it stronger.
Thank you for your kind and non-judgmental listening. Thank you for your good advice and your involvement.
– Anna


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Mentoring with Claire is great excercise for guys due to several reasons:
– Claire will help you understand that you are taking significant role in the entire birthing process by supporting your partner/wife both emotionally and physically
– you will feel much more prepared… and when the baby is about to come you are calm and in control of the situation
– you will learn massage techniques to easy the pain of your partner
– Claire will answer your detailed questions about pregnancy, delivery and postpartum
 Personally I find mentoring with Claire a great experience. We spent hours on discussions which made me feel much better prepared and I could actively help my wife during the labour and delivery.
– Robert

Practical information & price

When to start this course: from the 28th week until the 38th week
320€ per couple
Registration below.
Place :  The White Room – Manderscheider Platz 8, 50935 Köln
In english

Calendar :

June : 4th & 18th of June
July/Augut : 30th of July & 13th of August

For after Septembre, please fill up the form with your due date and I will send you an email when new dates will be planned !

Group mentoring - Booking Request


Please, note that this is a Booking REQUEST and not a definite booking.

I will contact you per email or phone following your request to give you the access details to the sessions, the payment plan and the conditions of cancellation and refund.

It is also for me to get to know you before the classe starts and to know if you have any topic in particular you are interested in, so that my classes can fit the best to the particularities and wishes of each groups.

Let me know your due date and if it is a first child or not. I will be more than happy to read if you have a birth project or an idae about how you would like to give birth. If you have any further question and inquiry as well, please right them here.