Pot Sharing

The Motherhood’s pot sharing are a time of connection and sharing between mothers and mother-to-be. It’s about creating a community where we can share our stories, ask questions, exchange tips & get support from each other.

Come as you are, in pijama and unshowered or with makeup as your favourite clothes (which could be your pijama though).
With a cup of Tea, with your Baby, breastfeeding or alone.
You are welcome as you are.

Once you are registered for the month, you can access to every sessions you wish.

When : One meeting per week, alternatively Online on Tuesdays from 18h to 19h and in-person on Fridays from 11h to 12h. No worries, I’ll send an email every 2 weeks with the dates and if you come on the wrong day, you’ll be welcome in the french-speaking group !
Please note that to attend the in-person session you will need one of the 3 G’s (vaccinated, negative test or recovered from Covid19)

Where : Online per Zoom, In-person in Sülz : The White Room – Manderscheider Platz 8, 50937 Köln

Price : 20€ per month

Please, note that as a Doula, I don’t give any medical advices. Refer to your midwife or gynecologist for any question concerning your health or your baby’s health

If it is your first time registering for the Pot Sharing, please fill up the following form :

Registration Form