Day Workshops



Together, we are going to open sharing-spaces where everything can be heard and said.
We are going to dance, shake-off layers of emotions and celebrate the coming of Spring !
We are going to explore the feminine energy and its sensuality, how it is and expresses in your body, without concepts, without pressure,
Because it’s good, because it’s part of your radiance and strength.

We are going to rest in nature.

Are you in ?

I am there for you!



What will we do?

We will :

  • Share & connect through women circles
  • Do a process to connect with a whole range of emotions, embody them, sounding & moving them freely to harness the power they hold.
  • Eat delicious food together (I’m french, this is hugely important)
  • Find our own expression of sensuality, for ourselves, through dancing. Explring different movement and flavor of sensuality, tapping into blocages or fear and rising into your free-expression !
  • Celebrat each-other in a competion-free, loving, supporting, safe space
  • Enjoy nature (there are hills, rivers, fiels, forest around the place where we will be)



09:30-09:45 : Arrival
09:45-10:45 : Opening Circle
10:45-11:45 : Tea break
11:15-13:00 : Morning Session – Diving into emotions
13:00-14:30 : Common Lunch + free time
14:30-16:00 : Afternoon Session – Exploring your sensuality for yourself
16:00-16:30: Tea break
16:30-17:30 : Closing circle

Practical information

In French and English

Saturday 19th of March – 9h30 – 17h30

FindHof – The Lichtwerkstatt
An der Sülz 61
51789 Lindlar
For more info:


 It’s all vegetarian, organic and delicious !

(and of course, there will be chocolate for the tea break)


There are 3 prices depeding on your financial situation. I let you decide for yourself.
Reduced price : 65€ + 10€ for lunch – You want to come but couldn’t if you were to pay the suggested price
Suggested price : 85€ + 10€ for lunch
Support price : 105€ + 10€ or lunch – You want to come and support the access to people who cannot afford the suggested price

Other events

Weekly Motherhood Circles:
We are gather weekly for sharing circle and soft embodiement practice more info for the French group -> Les Cocons and for the English speaking group the -> Pot Sharing.