Soft Power Mornings

It is more than time to reclaim our sexuality as a vibrant, fun, deep, transformative, empowering part of our lives.

It is more than the right moment to feel surrounded by sisterhood and how we support and celebrate each other as we are getting more unapologetic about our pleasures, truth and joy.

It is definitely time to turn towards our body, its energy, its strength and the soft power that it contains.
It is always the right moment to slow down, stop doing or trying to, and just radically love and accept yourself. In. This. Moment.


The Soft power mornings

Soft Power is for me a force that is feminine (not female), that is about being more than doing. That doesn’t care about production but about inner ecology. How do you make yourself flourish, blossom, harvest, rest with care and love. How do you connect with your intuition. You do you move in your body. How do you feel emotions.

The session will be 1h15 long, all about self-care. You can expect a mix of meditation, self-touch, self-body discovery, some danse, a sense of community, sisterhood and celebration !

When : 7th of December – 9h-10h15

Where : Online – Zoom

Price : 15€ – To be paid with Paypal here :
If you don’t have Paypal, contact me directly per email at