Soft Power Workshops

It is more than time to reclaim our sexuality as a vibrant, fun, deep, transformative, empowering part of our lives.

It is more than the right moment to feel surrounded by sisterhood and how we support and celebrate each other as we are getting more unapologetic about our pleasures, truth and joy.

It is definitely time to turn towards our body, its energy, its strength and the soft power that it contains.
It is always the right moment to slow down, stop doing or trying to, and just radically love and accept yourself. In. This. Moment.

What is Soft Power

Soft Power is for me a force that is feminine (not female), that is about being more than doing. That doesn’t care about production but about inner ecology. How do you make yourself flourish, blossom, harvest, rest with care and love. How do you connect with your intuition. You do you move in your body. How do you feel emotions.

During those workshops, we are connecting to our Soft Power through dance, meditation, visualisation, self-massage, embodiement of patterns and blockage, sharing circle. We are exploring what means sexuality, sensuality and pleasure for us, out of the pressure, the concept, the feeling of being somewhat broken or inadequate.

We also care about feeling safe, accepted, seen and hold whatever your sexual orientation, your expression of feminine energy and/or your emotional state.

Next Workshop

Saturday 11.06- 10h-12h30
Soothe Yourself

You know by now, we’re going to take time for yourselves. How do you want to go and get the world if your resources are low? If you have more self-judgment thoughts in your head than pleasurable ones? I can’t say it enough, there’s never enough softness in our lives.
Let’s take care of yourselves, with love.

What will we do?

  • Take time to get in touch with our bodies and our feminine energy
  • Do some soft movments, soft breathing technics to soothe our nervous system
  • Connect deeply with our sexual organs (no nudity involved) to find our anchor and inner power
  • Have a loving sharing about what’s in your head
  • Dance, celebrate ourselves, as usual

WHERE : Ashtanga Yoga op d`r Eck, Gutenbergstraße 68, 50823 Köln
PRICE : 35€ to pay cash upon arrival or per Paypal here