Trauma & Pleasure

By The Witchy Pussy Lab

Come with us to explore the depths, valleys and peaks of your body

This is an invitation from the Witchy Pussy Lab – Lisa and Claire – to start 2023 with luscious pleasure and deep healing.
After the success and the joy in the making of the Witchy Pussy Lab in-person version, we wanted to create a 4 weeks online program. And we are going to do what we know best.
Exploring pleasure with Claire and gentle trauma healing with Lisa.

This is a program that you can do in the intimacy of your home, while still being connected to other women walking the same path. It is a journey of self-exploration through the theme Love, Safety, Belonging and Magic.
Peaks, Valleys and Underworld will be our Landscape.

 And Magic, our sky.

The Witchy Pussy Lab

Claire is a Midwife, Doula and Birth and Sexuality Coach.
She started to mix her Midwifery-Doula background with her own research in tantra and feminine sexuality since 2020. She led retreats and workshops about sensuality, dance and embodiment of the feminine energy for the past 2 years. She is actually completing her year-long coaching training from Layla Martin In Sex, Love and Relationship.
She is passionate about reclaiming our inner power and radiance through exploring sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. Her second passion is the realm of birth where she is working for more than 10 years with women and couples.
Her work is at the intersection of pleasure embodiment, feminism, tantric spirituality and nerdy science.


Lisa is a funny, sensitive and curious character, who has been working in education and dance therapy.
The recent years she became a Kundalini Yoga teacher and finished her education in Biodynamic Breathwork and TraumaRelease.
She hosts workshops for feminine embodiment under, Trance Dance under Tranceanddance and together with her partner she facilitates Liquid Love Cologne.
Her newest format “The Witchy Pussy Lab” was born out of the idea to co-create something that makes her shine! She wants to open spaces, where vulnerability meets passion and playfulness healing.



Trauma is basically stuck energy in our body due to events, when we could not fight or flight and our instincts have been interrupted. Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release is gentle and yet deeply profound methodology, that empowers our body’natural process of healing.  It combines breath, movement, emotional expression, self touch, sound and meditation. Its roots lay in Peter Levines Traumatherapy and his concept of felt-sense as well as Wilhelm Reichs body therapy.

 You will experience three sessions, that will bring you closer to an intimately connection with yourself. They will bring you closer on your way back home- home into your body- with all that you are.

Pleasure is a gate.
To understand your body better, to alchemise resistance, and to be more alive.
To love, fully.
In our session, we will not focus on having better orgasm (but it might happen). We are going to redefine what is our pleasure. Without goals or pre-defined path. Just in following what unfolds from the touch and the intention.
We will explore Love, Safety and Belonging because those are the base for the deepest healing. And we will bring magic along.
When you feel loved, safe and belonging, how much Magic can you create?


The Program

Monday 23.01- 20h30: Pleasure as an expression of Self-Love with Claire
Thursday 26.01- 10h: Trauma Introduction-All about feeling safe again with Lisa

Monday 30.01-20h30: Pleasure as resource with Claire
Thursday 2.02- 10h: Breathing into your heart space- Allowance to love with Lisa

Monday 6.02-20h30: Pleasure as a reclamation with Claire
Thursday 9.02- 10h: Breathing into your pelvis- The space of creation with Lisa

Monday 13.02-20h30: Your magical self with Claire and Lisa
Tuesday 14.02- 10h: Q&A with Claire and Lisa




Practices: The practices will happen Live on Zoom and the replays will be available within 24h in a special Facebook group.

Price: 107€ – to be paid via Paypal or bank tranfer

For any question or further information needed, please contact us via email.

Cancellation or refund policy
Payment is needed for you to access to the Zoom live and the Facebook group.
If you decide to not attend the workshop after completion of your payment, there will be no refund possible.