About Me

About me

My name is Claire (she/her). 

First, if I haven’t yet, Welcome here !

For a bit of background, I studied midwifery right after highschool in France. I was already interested in trying different roads than conventional education so I took every opportuny to broaden my experiences.  Once I obtained my master degree, my goal was then to go to England to do a PhD in midwifery (I wanted to do a map of “contractions”, to study this so curious and unique pain). I worked one year in France in a hospital where we were dealing with a lot of socially precarious patients and high-risk pregnancies and births situations, it was hard!

Then, I moved in England end of 2016 and started to work few months after as a midwife in Leicester. I discover another birth world there! Even if  I was working again in high-risk hospital setting, I had also shifts in Birth Center (Natural birth setting with only midwives). I loved it ! On the side I participated to a research group who wrote  Midwifery Unit standards for Europe.


In 2019, I decided to move to Germany.  I didn’t want to work as a midwife yet but I still wanted to work with people, pregnancy and birth… Well because that’s what I love the most and what I can do the best ! So I read intensively everything I could on natural birth and, nurturing it with my own self-development, created Conscious Birth. I started to work as Doula for english- and french-speaking women and loved every part of it since then.
My goal is to guide and support you whatever your project is!

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The Vision behind Conscious Birth


The room is almost dark.
Just a few candles or dimmed lights put on the ground are giving an orange glow to the scene. Everything feels comfortable, warm, safe.

A couple is in the middle, on a thin mattress. The woman is kneeling, hands on the floor. Closed eyes, breathing deeply, calmly, humming softly a song known by herself only. Her body moves slowly, in undulations.

With her forehead, she touches the forehead of her Beloved. The connection is palpable. They are not aware of anything else existing. Her Beloved is sitting on the floor. Quiet, strong and grounded. Totally present, holding the space. Ready to embrace her wildest part, to provide her space for her to grow even more. To love her deeply.
At the moment, they are resting, reconnecting. In a minute, the wave will be there again. Maybe she will shout, groan, push her Beloved away, roar or grasp a neck, a hand, planting her teeth in an arm.
When they think it’s too much, it has to end, a soft voice say “ Everything is perfect, what you are doing is beautiful”. A discrete hand comes and listen to the baby heartbeat. And return to the shadow, waiting, holding the space for the couple.

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