About Me

Hi there,

I'm Claire Biros (she/her), Birth and Intimacy coach.
I welcome you to Conscious Birth!

My aim is to support women and couples through their birthing and intimacy journey to reach deeper level of confidence, connection and sensuality!

Confidence: To have the inner feeling of having the choices in any situation. To know how to take full-responsibility for your action, emotions and sensations. To feel empowered and able to do the things you set your mind and heart to.

Connection: To have a deep sense of belonging and self-love. With yourself, in your couple, and in all your relationships in general. To know how to find the way back togetherness.

Sensuality: To be fully in touch with your life, to develop the ability to marvel, to be courageous as you step in all situations fully… and of course, to enjoy being in your body, feeling the ever-expansion of your ability to sense.

I’m a nerdy midwife, a passionate teacher, a lover of dance and free body movement,
a fierce advocate for a better birth system, an explorer of feminine energy and sexuality
a tantrika student, a curious being in general.
And this mix is called Conscious Birth

About me
A more Detailed introduction

My name is Claire (she/her). 

Where to start?

I am French, born near Paris, and moved around in France. But lived the most and the deepest in Brittany so that’s where I belong.
I graduated from midwifery school in Rennes in 2015 (master’s degree) and after a few months, started to work as a midwife in a public hospital in Marseille. I spent there 1 year and was quite shocked by the way we care about the patient and being always understaffed, undersubventioned. But I was young and I didn’t know much better.


At the end of 2016, I moved to the Midlands – England to follow my ex-partner. England was for me a midwife’s paradise : the one-to-one care model (one woman in labour = one midwife), the Birth centers, the possibility to do a PhD in midwifery … Of course, the reality is not as perfect but those 2 years in England were a milestone in my vision of birth. Prior to working in Leicester Royal Infirmary, I integrated a research team led by Lucia Rocca Ihenacho who founded the Midwifery Unit Network and participated in the preliminary work of the  Midwfery Unit standards for Europe.
I was starting to grasp the difference in the British way to look at birth compared to the French one. What was right, what was wrong? I started to discover that policies and protocols are quite cultural and matters of opinion. Therefore, what matters is how you make your decision and upon which knowledge.
I got to work between the high-risk pregnancy unit and the birth center, and discover the luxury of having only one patient and couple to care of.

In England, I started my self-development and spiritual journey as well. First with Buddhism and then with Tantra. They both started to influence my way to be a midwife.

Photo : Maylis Rolland-2023


After a few months of traveling, I settled  June 19 in Cologne, Germany. Not speaking German good enough (not at all actually), I couldn’t work as a midwife. So I started my path as a Doula, working with international couples and supporting them in their birthing experience. I followed the birth educator course of Birthing from within, and developed my own way to prepare couples for their parenting journey.

At the same time, I started my own exploration in the realm of feminine sexuality and the intersection between birth, female body and sexuality. I read a lot, followed a first program by Layla Martin and started to introduce it with success into my birth work.

I am currently completing Layla’s  Martin 2 year-long coaching training at the VITA Institut, to become trauma-informed a Intimacy, Love & Relationship coach.

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The Vision behind Conscious Birth

Natalia Roca

The room is almost dark.
Just a few candles or dimmed lights put on the ground are giving an orange glow to the scene. Everything feels comfortable, warm, safe.

A couple is in the middle, on a thin mattress. The woman is kneeling, hands on the floor. Closed eyes, breathing deeply, calmly, humming softly a song known by herself only. Her body moves slowly, in undulations.

With her forehead, she touches the forehead of her Beloved. The connection is palpable. They are not aware of anything else existing. Her Beloved is sitting on the floor. Quiet, strong and grounded. Totally present, holding the space. Ready to embrace her wildest part, to provide her space for her to grow even more. To love her deeply.
At the moment, they are resting, reconnecting. In a minute, the wave will be there again. Maybe she will shout, groan, push her Beloved away, roar or grasp a neck, a hand, planting her teeth in an arm.
When they think it’s too much, it has to end, a soft voice say “ Everything is perfect, what you are doing is beautiful”. A discrete hand comes and listen to the baby heartbeat. And return to the shadow, waiting, holding the space for the couple.

More about my Doula work