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Inspired by the work of Regena Thomashauer

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The Courtesan is your guide for the best season of your life.
She knows her pleasure. She dares to open doors that should be closed to her.
She rises to the challenges. She is led by her desires, magnetizing the most amazing adventures and encounters.
She is the life of the party and the vibrancy of sensuality.
She is magic. And so are you.

  This is your pleasure initiation program. But not only.
  We bring pleasure and healing to all the areas of your life so you can grow, expand, and radiate.
  It is not about becoming another version of you, it is all about remembering who you already are.
  Those seven weeks are designed for you to experience an actual shift in your life. To move with confidence, joy, and   playfulness, and be open to receive more than you could imagine.
  I am here for long-term changes, that’s why there are also follow-up calls planned at: +6 weeks I +3months I +6months

  A 7-week program

Each module has:
 – A transmission (pre-recorded) about the week’s topic with journaling prompts.
 – A meditation (download available).
 – One or several short practices to anchor the shifts into your daily life.
 – A live pleasure practice.

If you are living in Cologne, there is also a in-person circle every Monday evenings from 19:30 to 21:00 for 7 weeks.
7 spaces available only.

It starts with you, your pleasure, and your self-love.
In this module, you explore what pleasure means to you, how to cultivate it and expand it. And of course, how to reconnect to your beautiful pussy as a source of wisdom and joy.
Archetype: The Devotional one.

What do you want? What life do you want to create for yourself?
It’s time to get clear about your desires. We dive into the world of manifesting, and start taking the first steps!
Archetype: The Magnetic one.

In this module, we are looking at our emotional strength and fluidity. Sensuality also lives in our emotions, all of them. We learn how to feel more, how to deal with challenging, difficult situations. In the heart of the pain, can you still hold yourself? Can you still love yourself?
Archetype: The Whole one

That’s when we get sassy, bold and daring!
Looking at life as it happens FOR us and not TO us. What do you do then when a challenge arise? We are cultivating our brilliance and cheek to find our way through any situation. It’s also the week we reclaim playfulness!
Archetype: The Slut one.

Let’s talk about money, opulence, and abundance. If there is one vibe that the Courtesan knows in her soul to embody is to be outrageously opulent!
And we get a little political as well: What would wealth and money do in the ´hands of women? What would you grow and support?
This is a wealth-programming week!
Archetype: The Courtesan

After working on our radiance, self-love, and boldness, week 6 turns towards the others. How can we cultivate greater romantic relationships?
It’s a module where we explore healthy masculine energy and do some profound healing.
Archetype: The Queen.

At the end of this journey, you are ready to walk as your most magnificent self!
It’s a full reclamation of being YOU! To show up no matter what, to be a leader, an energy vortex. We set the path so you can carry on walking with confidence!
Archetype: The most Magnificent Woman.

From 17.06 to 4.08

Lives every Thursday from 19:30 to 20:30. Replays are available in less than 24hours in the program portal.

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All are practices that I do when 
I want to feel more ALIVE,

and in the FLOW.
When I take the time everyday,
even for a small step,
my whole world change.


I follow the steps of the ones who came before me and see pleasure as a piece of activism.
A reclamation of our powers. A strengthening of our identity, and our own way of being sparky.
I stand for each of you to find your own way through sensuality.
I want each of you to feel that light that doesn’t go away, strives in adversity,
and rises when turned on.
I want you to walk in the street, and feel your own magnificence.
I want you to recognize that you are walking among other Queens.
We are all different, but we are all powerful.

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What they say


"The course was incredible.
In my expectation, I thought it was about connecting with your own desire and pleasure, awakening magnetic sexual energy.
But it was so incredibly much more: Wounds in my relationship with my own sexuality were healed. My understanding of female power was redefined and deeply anchored within me.

When connecting with my inner courtesan, I expected lightness, naivety and a feeling of 'oh, don't take life so seriously'. But what I found was a deep female strength a feeling of incredibly pure power. Loving power.

Do you know that feeling when you go home at night and put on an attitude to radiate defense? For me, the image in my head was always that I was bringing my inner man forward. And that helped me and worked.

But through Claire's course, a power was opened up to me that is much more powerful and open than that. To enter a room and feel protected and yet be enveloped in an open and attractive aura instead of a repulsive one.
This course has truly transformed my life in a way I have rarely ever experienced."


The Courtesan program was an important channel toward my femininity. The online format was just right for me. Creating undisturbed spaces is not so easy as a single mum. I didn't always manage the weekly live calls either, but thanks to the recording I was able to organise everything freely.
Claire's warm, soft nature helped me to see my beauty.
She opens this little door very lovingly and carefully. I always felt in good hands in the protected space she opens up. A space in which I can be who I am.
Claire can create these spaces so beautifully with words. She takes you into wonderful worlds of femininity, sensuality and beauty. A tender journey to myself that still resonates with me."

What you get

  • Weekly live self-pleasure practices.
  • Weekly Q&A.
  • Community connection via a Facebook group.
  • Short pre-recorded meditations and practices for quick turn-on spark.
  • Access to the program for a year.
  • Follow-up call 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months after the end of the live program.

+ If you live in Cologne: In-person circle every Monday evenings for 7 weeks.




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