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Keeping the joy, the connection, and the playfulness alive in a couple is deep work.
It requires commitment, curiosity, resilience… and time.

I know this from my partnership, and from the dozens of couples I have been working with over the years: We miss the time for reconnection.
When becoming parents, things get even more complex. You are changing as an individual, as a couple, and as a family, and few are the spaces where you can process this.

Parenthood. evenings are such a space.


The Parenthood. evenings are 2h15 workshops dedicated to couples on their parenthood journey.
Whether parents-to-be or already parents, this is a monthly space to open the conversation about what it means to be(come) parents & keep on nourishing your partnership.

 It’s a room for deep conversations on topics such as:

  • The challenges of being/becoming parents,
  • The changes in the relationships & yourself,
  • Juggling with different needs and desires
  • Finding a way back to intimacy,
  • The emotional ebb and flow,
  • Balancing work and family life,
  • The doubts and questions, along with the wins and celebrations.

And also for taking care of your partnership.
A part of the evening is designed for you to have the time to deepen your connection through communication and connection exercises.
They are simple and short enough that you can weave them into your daily life.



Over the years, I have noticed that a lot of parents are facing new challenges when having a baby.
It often creates sense of disconnection, of losing the way you were connected before.
I believe that one medicine for this is to have a space to process & to learn tools.

Parenthood. is designed so that:

1- None of you have to hold the space: I am doing it.
2- You can freely & authentically share your experiences and hear from others.
3- You get to try different tools and practices to enhance your couple’s connection.


Typically, once everyone is there, we do a first introduction round.
The first part of the evening is about deep sharings: I pick up a topic depending on what came up in the first introduction round, and we exchange about your experiences.
In the second part of the evening, we do communication and connection exercises that you can bring with you at home.


22.06 – 19h45 to 22h

Where: Raum für Resonanz – Innenstadt
Price: 40€/couple