It is more than time to reclaim our sexuality as a vibrant, fun, deep, transformative, empowering part of our lives.

It is more than the right moment to feel surrounded by sisterhood and how we support and celebrate each other as we are getting more unapologetic about our pleasures, truth and joy.

It is definitely time to turn towards our body, its energy, its strength and the soft power that it contains.
It is always the right moment to slow down, stop doing or trying to, and just radically love and accept yourself. In. This. Moment.

Next Workshop

Friday 16.09- 19h30-22h
Catwalk, you sexy

This workshop will be in German and English.

An diesem Abend laden wir unsere weiblichen Archetypinnen auf die Tanzfläche-
die Verführerische, die Unschuldig, die Sinnlich, die Bitch- und vor allem Dich in Deiner authentischen Schönheit!
Feier Dein wunderbares Selbst im Kreise von Frauen in einem sicheren und verspielt-freudvollen Raum!

This Evening is for you to explore different ways to express your unique sexyness !
We will play and dance with different archetypes  – the Sensual, the Witchy-crazy, the Slut, the Shy, the Destroyer
And invite your authentic beautiful self to own the space and be celebrated !

WHERE : Tor 28- Machabäerstr. 28, 50668 Köln
REGISTRATION : Form below / ANMELDUMG : Formular unten

PRICE : 35€ to pay upon registration via Paypal here