It is more than time to reclaim our sexuality as a vibrant, fun, deep, transformative, empowering part of our lives.

It is more than the right moment to feel surrounded by sisterhood and how we support and celebrate each other as we are getting more unapologetic about our pleasures, truth and joy.

It is definitely time to turn towards our body, its energy, its strength and the soft power that it contains.
It is always the right moment to slow down, stop doing or trying to, and just radically love and accept yourself. In. This. Moment.

The Whole of you - 1.02

Feel your Darkness.  Hold it.  Bring it back home.

I want to be here to share what I’m learning. What makes me more powerful, more alive, and more loving.
This workshop came overnight, after I did my own practice. What I do for myself, I want to offer it to you.

The Story

Last Sunday, we had a bad argument with Stephan (my partner). We were both so triggered. The way you feel everything you’re going to say is going to be destructive. So you don’t but inside you feel bad, wrong, even nauseous.
Arriving home, I’ve lit my candles, sat in front of my altar. And I have faced whatever was so hurt in me. I cried, I purged (literally in front of the toilet) I moved, I dug for gratefulness. I’ve felt it all the way long. To something so dark, so unlovable, so shameful. And I brought it love.
It felt so good.
And I felt so proud I could do this.
So I wanted to share this practice with you. Embracing the darkness and bringing it back home.

The Workshop

During 1h30, we are going to follow the music, your breath, your sensations.

I will guide you through the same process that I did for myself.

  1. Enter in contact with something that hurts you. To dive in the sensations and emotions, giving it full expression.
  2.  Bring it back home. Finding love for what is unlovable, forgivness for was is shameful.
  3. Resting, finding gratefulness for being able just to feel all of this.

WHEN: Imbolc – 1.02 at 20h30

WHERE: Live on Zoom

PRICE: 20€


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