Motherhood Circle

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The Motherhood Circle  are a time of connection and sharing between mothers and mothers-to-be.
It’s a space where we talk about what it means to your womanhood to be(come) a mother. You can share honestly, hear from other experiences.
All of your experiences, emotions and thoughts are welcome.
In the circle, we come together to explore our emotions, how our relationships are changing or how do we feel about our changing bodies.

You are welcome as you are.

It’s a space for YOU. It’s your self-care.
You can come alone or with your child, you choose.

I use my experience as a midwife , a Doula and a coach to guide the group.
We might sometimes:
Meditate, dance, hug, do some rituals.

It’s a drop-in class: You can join for individual sessions or already register for 2 or 3 months.

When : Twice a month. Wednesdays in May and from June on Tuesdays from 10:30 to 11:45. See exact dates below.

Meetings until end of July:   8.05 /15.05 /11.06 /25.06 /9.07 /23.07 

Where : Raum für Resonanz  – Ritterstraße 27, 50668 Köln

Price : 15€/session, 50€ for 2 months or 75€ for 3 months

Please, note that as a Doula, I don’t give any medical advices. Refer to your midwife or gynecologist for any question concerning your health or your baby’s health

If it is your first time registering to the Motherhood circle, please fill up the following form :

Registration Form