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I am Claire,
I support women through their Motherhood journey, guiding them to find Self-Love, Confidence and a deep sense of Empowerment.
I use a blend of my 11 years working in the Birth World first as midwife (trained in France, worked also in England), as a Doula and as a Sex, Love and Relationship coach in the training from the VITA tm Method created by Layla Martin.
I am passionated by the intersection of feminism, motherhood, sexuality, ancient tales and archetypes, tantra and science.
I care about empowering women as they are going through the journey of motherhood.
And I want to offer you everything that I’ve learned so far.

We need to change the story around motherhood

Painting : Tina Maria Elena (IG : @tinamariaelena).


We’ve been told a story of lack and depletion around motherhood.
All around me I see a woman becoming a mother and fearing to lose themselves.
Feeling lost, alone.
Discovering that no one is waiting for them as they’re trying to figure out how to be this mother.
Looking for nurturing support, a space where they could talk about how they really are,
What is happening in their body, sexuality, couple, identity.
Being told they have to sacrifice the months or years of their lives because that’s the normal way.
Doing their best but forgetting the one important thing: The person that matters the most is you.


The new Story

You are not a mother trying to bring back the woman parts to you.
You are a woman who walks on the great journey of becoming a mother.
I believe motherhood is a journey of discovering deeper powers, nurturing, and of greater love.
Of plugging yourself back into your power, to the core of you,
The one who knows what your greatest gifts are and how to make them known to the world.
The one that wants to teach you how to radiate, just as you are.

And I’m there for you.
To hold you and unfold the peaks and valleys of motherhood and womanhood with you.
To guide you to feel powerful, radiant, and loved the way you are right now.
No need to wait.
We are going to explore who you are, what are your deepest desires
How to get the relationships, sexuality, and life you want for yourself.

An Unique Approach

I do this work because it is my passion but also because it is who I am.
My approach is constantly being attuned depending of my learnings and experience as a midwife and doula, my own discoveries and my continous educational path.
My guidance is a mix of:

  • Scienced-based theory about the physiology of birth and post-partum: Learned through my 5 years study as midwife and the next 6 years of reading, observing, listening.
  • Deeply transformative coaching method learned with Layla Martin. Embodiement based and trauma informed coaching whose sole purpose is to reclaim parts of your self and show them unconditional love.
  • Tantric philosophy and practices inspired by Daniel Odier, Ma Ananada Sarita and Layla Martin
  • Rituals and story-telling
  • Offering a loving, compassionate and safe space where you can just be listened to and seen.



Quick Dive
3 online sessions of 75min = 222€

In the cocoon
months Package = 888€
8 sessions of 75min,
Check-in in-between the session,
Homework/meditation in-between
Direct contact via telegram or email throughout the months we are working together
Becoming a Love Leader

months package = 2222€
3 Sessions/months of 75min

Check-in in-between the session,
1h of Mentoring session in online Mastermind Group
Direct contact via Telegram or email throughout the months we are working together

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