Call it  Magic ! Birth I mean, and the whole process actually, from conception to nurturing a family.

What is it that we are looking with rational/scientifique lens all the time? Maybe sometimes sneaking on the side of natural birth, hypnobirthing, mother blessings and some others. Gathering as much Evidence-based information, breaking down to the smallest particle to explain why cells are moving this way… or why natural birth is a safe way to give birth.
We told you that it was all a vast amount of complicated knowledge and that you have to take courses to understand it all and to know how to birth the right way.

Let’s call it Magic !

Though I’m not reclaiming for you the right  to put on your pink glasses and trust that your body knows it all and that if you pray enough, everything will be alright. And I do believe that it is good to know (knowledge is power) to learn in the way that feels the best for you how you want to deal with labour and parenting.  What I am advocating for, is to sit down some times and just to let yourself be marvelled by what is happening.
And to dare to call it Magic.

Imagine, two cells are meeting in the intimacy of the fallopian tube. Just for this meeting to happen, how many mechanisms, how many right timings, how many subtle movements ?

Feel amazed !

So they meet, then they share and mingle to create one single cell. And this single cell is going to divide itself, and each new cell will know exactly where to go and what to create. And at the end, from ONE cell (sorry, it’s really too amazing to be mentioned just one time), a WHOLE tiny human being is going to be created. How amazing is that ? How intelligent ! 

Call it Magic !

From this One cell, comes also the Placenta. One organ to fulfil all the tasks of all of yours : Kidneys, Bladder, Pancreas, Lungs, digestive system, Liver… With its own intelligence that will always protect and prioritize the baby. Whatever you do and whatever the external conditions are, there is always at your baby side, a guardian and protect.or.rice.
Isn’t it a bit magical ?

If you are pregnant with a baby that has a female body, it’s already producing the egg from which the children of your baby will be created. And your baby is created from an egg that you produced when you were in your mother’s body. 

Isn’t that mind blowing ?

If you are pregnant at the moment, whether you are feeling present or not towards your pregnancy and your baby, your body adapts itself to nourish not one but TWO human being, to make room where there wasn’t, to bring blood to two hearts. Your brain is reorganizing itself to open new neuronal connections, to learn so many new things, to smell and taste more. 

Call it magic ! Marvel at your body’s capacities !

Magic of Birth. Of this power taking over consciousness , pushing the body through, pushing the baby through. That doesn’t stop until the end. About that fraction of second when the baby comes out and takes the first breath. The FIRST BREATH ! Call it Magic.

Please, please call it Magic. 

As you are birthing one baby, you actually don’t know how, through you and time, many human beings will come to life, make an impact on society, on the world and on your life. You have no idea how many descendents you will have, what they will do and they will exist only through you.

Feel the Wonder, Call it Magic.



Picture: Photo by Philippe Donn from Pexels