One-to-one Mentoring

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 Introspection and exchange are the keys here.
Through in-depth theory, pain-coping practices, birth art, story-telling, solution-focused coaching and soulful exercices, we look at how you relate to birth and parenting:

First 2 sessions are about discovering what your birth project is as a couple, what are the options, what are your biais and stories, and how you relate and communicate to each other. We also look at what you already know from other experiences and how to use it.

The next 4 sessions are covering the topics from early labour until birth : Physiology of labour and birth, massages, positions, natural and hospital birth. How to work together. How to make decision.
With a sneak pick to Orgasmic Birth, just to know it exists.

The last two sessions are about the first 40 days of postpartum.  We look at : Baby (physiology and care), Birthing Parent (resting, recovering, feeding) and Couple (agreement, intimacy, post partum plan) points of view.
I am available through email, message and phone from the time of registration until 40 days postpartum.

Package price : 700€ 

Face-to-face in Köln or online. In english or french.

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