Pleasure Membership

Flow through the cycle

1 month - 4 pleasure gateways

Each month, following the moon's cycle, we explore a topic with a different flavor.
It's always about finding a way to pleasure, expanding our
Sacred transmission - Pleasure Play - Yang Reclamation - Yin Resourcing

Sacred Transmission - Waxing Moon

As the energy starts to pick up, we are entering our month’s theme through a sacred transmission.
A deep talk followed by a tantric practice to ignite your inner radiance and set desires for this new cycle.

Pleasure Play - Full Moon

The wolves are howling and we are celebrating our bodies, our pleasure, our fire!
No goal to achieve, just the playfulness of our touch and of exploring new ways to feel blissful!

Reclamation - Waning Moon

Do you want to be good or whole?
We are here to meet our resistances, move through our darkness with lust.
Dance, breathwork, touch,
We are feeling it all.
This is self-love reclamation time!

Resourcing - New Moon

Time to slow down and nurture ourselves.
Honouring what needs to die with the cycle. Finding nourishment in our hearts and bodies.
Let yourself rest on the earth for a soothing meditation.

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