Why to put this emphasize on the postnatal time ? Because the journey doesn’t stop at Birth. Birth is actually the center and it takes long months if not years to fully integrate what it means to become a family of 3, 4,5…
During the first 40 days, it is hugely important to rest, to be supported and helped, to be heard, to be emotionally held.


Postnatal visits :

A very concrete help and support tailored to your needs. I am here  to answer questions, provide breastfeeding support, for emotional support, listening , massaging, caring about your baby while you’re having time for yourself or do some light cleaning.
I can also cook for you healthy meal !

In Köln
Prices :
1 meeting : 35€
5 hours : 170 €
10 hours : 300 €
20 hours : 600€

With meal :
If prepared from my home 35€/h of cooking + food shopping
If prepared at your house : 45€/h of cooking + food shopping

Photo by Natalia Roca. used with her permission.

Postnatal  COACHING:

It can be challenging to adapt to the new role of parent. Wether it is about integrating a painful birth story, finding a balance in the couple, questions about intimacy and sexuality… I can help you through listening and solution-focused methods to find the next step you can take.

Online or face-to-face.
Price : 80€/session of 1h


Photo by Alexandro David from Pexel



We have lost for a while the warmth of rituals and circles. The joyof celebrating a rite of passage  To be about to cross the threshold of birth, for the first time or one more time. And to feel the love and support of your sisters and mothers,
being there for you.

Mother Blessing are taking place in the 3rd trimester. They are a deeper alternative to Baby shower where the focus is on the mother-to-become. There are many ways for a Mother Blessing, we can sing, share, cook, danse, tell poetry, make good wishes, make some rituals.

For example, those rituals can be like :
– Distributing candles to everyone present, mother-to-be included, to be lit when the labour starts.
– Passing a small object like a stone or a bracelet from hand to hand, everyone one infusing it with a blessing for the mother-to-be.
– Drawing a labyinth as a metaphore for Labour and Postpartum and making together the way in and out

Price : 350€ for a 2h30 Mother Blessing
            16 people maximum