Pussies' Gathering Retreat

Come dear Pussy
We’ve met in the last year,
Our bonds were tied,
And now it’s time,
To gather,
And get lit-up,
To bring our light far into the Autumn nights!


This is a Pussies’ gathering retreat.
You are invited if you did the Sensual Bliss or if you have been in a Witchy Pussy Lab.

This is our weekend to celebrate that we came together this year! That something got ignited, and you want more of it in your life!

This is a weekend when we remember how radiant and creative we are. And how much the world needs your pussy genius.

To be together in our Wild Women archetypes, to dance naked under the moonlight, to play with our sluttiness.
One weekend to fill yourself to the brim of pussy energy and nurturing connection.
To explore, laugh, and shake what keeps you small.

To also look at what connects us, and how do we want to care about ourselves as a growing community of Pussies.
How can we bring more love to the women in our lives?
How can we shine stronger and strive for the one around us to shine as well?

Art: Ohvicoh x Virginie Renaud


           A magical, deep and joyful weekend where we are going to explore together our pussy, her pleasure, and her boldness.
A reconnection to yourself, your personal power, your turn-on.

           Be ready for:
                    – Tender sharing circles
                    –  Sacred Pussy Rituals
                    – Nourishing Breathwork
                    – Dancing with your wilderness
                    – Explorative Touch
                    – Sensual practices
                    – Time to relax, chitchat, and integrate in nature.


Start Friday 22.09 at 18h
End Sunday 24.09 at 15h30

If you can only come from Saturday morning, contact me via email


Findhof in Lindlar (40 from Cologne)  – website

A beautiful retreat center in the middle of the forest of Bergishes Land.
We will have a house for ourselves, and cook our own food.
From the center, you can directly walk towards the forest, the field, or the river.
Dancing in nature, on the rhythm of our tambourine and our voices could be planned… And feel free on our free time to explore!


By car, we will organize a car-sharing. Easy parking spaces.
By train: To Engelskirchen, from there we will organize pick-up

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-05 at 12.28.33

Art: Meagan Boyd- yinshadowz

PRICES (all included):
The prices depend on the sleeping facilities you are choosing.

1- Sleeping in seminar room, common bathroom: 280€
2- Sleeping in (small) single a double bedroom, common bathroom: 310€
3- Sleeping in double-shared room with private bathroom: 340€
4- Sleeping in single room  with private bathroom: 390€

Pussy loves to radiate to those around: Bring a friend, get 10%!
When your friend register, she/they can say they where invited by you and you get 10% of her/their ticket.

Please reach out if you would like to pay in 2 or 3 times.

Claire  –


Art: Linda Weissman

Art: Meike Hakkart

Art: unknown artist