Sensual Bliss MeMbership

Your gateway to pleasure


The Membership

Every week a new dive into pleasure.
Discover your body, remember your radiance, and expand your capacity to receive more, and more,

1 Self-pleasure live per week
1 Community
Surprise meditations and mini-practices
to accompany your transformation
in your daily life.

Awaken   the   V O L C A N O


You keep forgetting

We are meant to feel pleasure. Bliss is our birthright.

Every morning you have to remember that you are beautiful. You are enough.
Your body is perfect the way it is. And all the bold things you are dreaming of doing, you can do them.

 This membership is for you to shine brighter.
To have a space that you are dedicating your your body, your pleasure, your self-care.

Together, we are going to send some pussy magic into this world!
(and god does it need it!)

How does it work?


You get all the flavours

In the Sensual Bliss Membership, we are cyclical beings.
Each Season has its vibe, each month its energy, and each week follows
the tides of the moon cycle.


Every week, you catch the live or the replay, and dive into a self pleasuring practice.
There are 4 kinds of practices depending on the phase of the moon we are in.

Waxing Moon: Tantric transmission – Setting the month context, intention and a beautiful tantric practice. Dream. Radiate. Transcende.
Full Moon: Pleasure Play – Discovering the treasure of our pussy, and of our all body! Breath. Sound. Play.
Waning Moon: Reclamation – Release the tensions, resistances, blocages. Move. Breath. Shake.
New Moon: Nurture – Time to slow down, and resource. Caress. Cuddle. Breath.

the first season cycle - autumn



18.09 – 15.10
101 map to your pleasure body.
We are going to take on a journey to our vulvas, vaginas, and cervix.
Trace the shivers on our skins.
Gather all the fruits, before the darker nights



16.10 – 12.11
The waves are coming. You know it, I know it. Let’s become liquid with our emotions. Let them flow. Feel them, let them show you pleasure. And cultivate your emotional strength, find your middle.



13.11 – 10.12
Winter is about to come, now is the moment to find your light, and keep on until the light comes back.
Find your sovereignty, observe your inner realm, and take full responsibility.


I want you to feel that you can do your own miracle, that you deserve the best, and you know how to get it!
I want you to remember your own magic, and go for it. See how you not only impact your life but others for the better.

In this cycle, you can expect:
– Heart opening breast massage
– Pussy Miracle Sex Magic
– Coming into your Queen state
– Bragging and desiring at every steps
– Feeling your own magic

We start on Thursday 16th at 20:00
Next lives are:
Tuesday 21.11 at 9h15 :
Tuesday 28.11 at 20:00
Saturday 2.12 at 10:00
Thursday 7.12 at 20:00

sensual bliss membership

This is for you if:


<   You feel no one told you how to really feel pleasure in your body, and you know there is more.
<   You judge or shame your body and/or your sexuality and want to love yourself the way you are.
<   If you wake up stressed in the morning and want to remember you are beautiful Every. F*cking. Day.
<   If you feel somewhat stuck in your life and you know your boldness is waiting at the next corner.
<   If you want to feel supported by a community of women who strive to have a pussy-magnificent-led-life! 
<   If you are curious about how much pleasure you can take, and what about the cervical orgasm or the breasts blis<s

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Hear what others have to say...

Hear it from others:

”I have re-ignited a spark in me that I couldn’t find anymore. It had been lost along the way, under the weight of work, obligations and the gaze of others. Thank you very much for creating this bubble of sorority, of magic, of rituals, of pleasure, of energy. Those days have carried me, guided me, aligned with me and transformed me.


“Claire for me was like the detonator on a fuse, charging up live wires to activate my inner goddess and all
its expressions. ”


The fact that Claire accompanied me on this journey was one of my highlights. It was noticeable that she lives with passion everything she tries to convey. That she believes in what she tried to teach us. She talks about things and her experiences with such enthusiasm that you really want to do the same (and could listen to her for hours ;-)). I felt in all units that she supported us emotionally and was able to hold space for our experiences.”


“It was just so much fun, noticing the pleasure I had integrating this in my daily life!
I want to keep this energy alive. It feels I am remembering something of myself that i had forgotten!”


about me - Claire Biros

I  am Midwife, Doula and Birth and Sexuality Coach.

For a long time, I have been questioning the relationship to our bodies, and especially for what I came to call pussy.
I was 27 when I went to a tantra festival and discovered something about my body, my feminity, and my pleasure. It was like a ripening, a rite of passage that made me go from being an overgrown girl to the start of womanhood.

I dedicated myself to studying my numbness, my disconnection, and my blockages. For more than 5 years I have relentlessly sat in front of my altar to practice breast massage, yoni egg rituals, and all kind of self-touch, meditation, dancing practices.

Luckily, I have found Layla Martin and Mama Gena on the way.

This membership is my own experimental field. It contains what helped me from not being able to feel my own skin to feel the energetic flow of pleasure. That is what led me to embody my body, my beauty, my nakedness.

I wish you the same, ad more, and different.

sensual bliss membership



SPecial New Moon price until 14.11 at 23:59

I offer special prices for student, BIPOC people and/or if you are earning under the minimum wage in your country.
Contact me at, I’ll be happy to make sure you can be part of this!

No refund policy.
Access to the replays as long as you are in the membership.
Prices may increase, but you keep your membership rate as long as you stay in. Once left, if you want to come back, it will be at the current registration fee.


If you have any question: