One day, one practice, one more spark

I follow the step of the ones who came before me, and see pleasure as a piece of activism. A reclamation of our powers. A strengthening of our identity, and our own way to be sparky. I stand for each of you to find your own way through sensuality. I want for each of you to feel that light that doesn’t go away, strives in adversity, and rises when turned-on. I want you to walk in the street, and feel your own magnificence.
I want you to recognise hat you are walking among other queens.
We are all different, but we are all powerful.

With Love,


21 Days to expand your sensual radiance

August is for me the sensuality month.
The one where in the last year I usually take time to reconnect with my inner radiance, my body, my magic & my pleasure. Maybe it is because it’s the month of my birthday.
And this year, I thought “Why not doing it together?” 

And thus Sensual Bliss was born. 

21 days of daily practices that I would do on my own otherwise (and let’s face it, less planned). Each day, I will send you a surprise for you to feel your magic and your radiance in your daily life. Most will take 10 min, and there are bigger surprises.

All are practices that I do when 
I want to feel more ALIVE,

and in the FLOW.
When I take the time everyday,
even for a small step,
my whole world change.


         >    Embody & Play: 3 weeks, 3 archetypes to discover, embody and play with.
                                                   The Devotional One, The Wild One, The Sluty One.

         >    3 deepening recorded Meditations.

         >     3 Playful Live (1hr each): The art of pleasure 1, 2 and 3.

        >     Self-Love Breast meditation and massage.

        >     Dance, poetry, and magic!

You do it for you, and it radiates in your life.

My experience is:
We laugh more with my partner, I feel more beautiful, I create more, I am less tired, my life is flowing, I meet more interesting people, opportunities just show up, I earn more money, and I can show up better for all of my emotions and the less happy moment.

And I am sure you have your own sparky moment!


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PRICE: 77€ – might increase again