Tantric love

The sensual DATE NIGHT for couples and lovers


04.10 at 20:30 CET – online

The workshop

One evening filled with softness, tenderness, and love.
A safe space to explore your intimacy and the depth of your connection.

For couples and lovers. You are welcome whatever your age is, your gender, and how long you have been together.

This is a road map to expand your capacity to give and receive love.

Each Tantric Love workshop contains:
1 tantric ritual for couples
1 communication exercise

The bliss of tantra


loving is receiving

Sometimes we don’t receive each other’s love because we are too busy trying to make each other happy.
We forget to fill ourselves first, to work on our self-love so we don’t have to beg for it everywhere else.

We have to receive more. To open our channel, our bodies for more love.
You need to know there’s nothing you have to do to be worthy of this love.

We you are full, what you can give is infinite.
Your relationship expands, and dilates.

And your couple becomes the safest, most loving, funniest place on earth.


Ancient Tantric ritual meet modern somatic work

This date night is all about Loving is receiving.
Feeling where you are receiving each other love, and when you don’t.
Diving into an ancient tantric ritual mixed with modern somatic work.
Nourishing yourself and melting into each other.

 – An introduction to receiving love in a couple.The hurdles and the solutions to deepen your connection.
– 1 guided communication exercise.
– 1 guided tantric ritual.
– Q&A.

On Zoom + Replay available for 1 month
Wednesday 4.10 at 20:30 CET – end 22:30
Price: 45€/couple



Hear what others have to say...

Hear it from others:

It was strong, intense and plesurable, a thousand thanks 🙏🏽 I realize that my feminine side has a lot of difficulty receiving and is very much in control/mental 😬 Looking forward to doing this magnificent meditation again,


“It is so hard to find the time in daily life. We booked for the next workshop directly after the first one. It gave us so much!”


Incredible really!


thank you very much for this delicate and delicious meditative discovery 💖🎁🪷


“To be in a space with other couples is already so precious. I feel deeply relaxed, loving and connected now. Thank you!”


about me - Claire Biros

I  am Sexuality and Birth Coach for women and couples.

I discovered Tantra at the same time I met Stephan. 5 and a half years ago, on the island of Corfu.
I went to a Tantra festival organized by Ma Ananda Sarita and her Tantra Essence school. It blew my mind.

As Stephan studied for 3 years to become a Tantra Teacher, we explored together the many practices that came on our path. We are not a perfect couple. You could say that in a lot of ways we are quite opposite.
We do struggle with our differences, triggers, and lack of intimacy.

But I am a curious and determined being. If there are challenges, I will look for different ways to go through them.
When I decided to learn coaching, I took the relationships major.
I have studied, practiced, and reflected for hours. Listened to countless podcasts, and read mountains of books.

And there are still many questions I cannot answer for myself.

But what I have learned so far, I want to offer it to you.

If you have any question: