Pregnancy mentoring

My pregnancy Mentoring

Pregnancy Mentoring is the realm of deep preparation and reflexion about pregnancy, labour and parenting.
In my work, I give as much importance to science-based theory than to Hands-on practices, deep-reflecting exercises and birth art.

My aim through mentoring is to guide you so you can find your own way towards pregnancy, birth and parenting. We will see the child birthing time as a Hero.x.ine journey with its preparation, challenges, deep learning, Great Unknown and integrative return.
Whether you have a hospital-birth, homebirth, natural birth or cesearean birth project, you are welcome here.

The four main topics :

  1. Theory:
    Knowing is power! And up-to-date theory is the beginning to know what are the different options and how to make decisions. So it’s a precious tool to navigate childbirth.
  2. Building a tool box :
    Here you’ll find : Pain-coping practices, Hands-on techniques, massages and positions. This tool-box will give you and your birth partner different ways to go through labour together.
  3. Couple :
    When I mean couple, I mean a Birthing parent (regardless of gender and sex) and a Birthing partner (same). Here we look at some communication tools, how to relate and how to buil-up even more trust and surrendering.
  4. Introspection :
    Finally, Birth is a tremendous changing journey and intuition is your most reliable compass. Through exercises, use of archetypes and birth art we question how to get prepared for the Unknown.

Courses & Prices

For more information & booking, email me at :
The prices are set for me to offer a sustainable and quality support. However, accessibility & equity are important to me: if you can’t afford those prices please contact me so we can find a solution that fits your possibilities and wishes.
Though I identify as a cis-gender, heterosexual, white woman, here is a welcoming space for every Birthing Person and Birth partner in the wide spectrum of relationships, races, genders and sexual identity.


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1-to-1 mentoring

Just you and me for the deepest mentoring program I offer.  8 Full-packed sessions of 2-2h30 tailored to your needs, questions and project. There we explore together your Birth-Map and Journey towards parenting.



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Group mentoring

Package of 20h of teaching in which you will get all the information, tools and guidance to find your own way through birth and parenting!
In small groups of 4 couples maximum for high quality exchange.
From 30 weeks of pregnancy.


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a la carte workshop

Choose and pick your session(s) following your interests and needs. Easy solution if you just want to deep in one topic for a 1h30 session.

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week-end workshop

Pregnancy and parenting induce a deep shift into your couple: How you relate, how you communication, what do you expect from the other…

As you are going from Adult to Parent, it is sometimes uneasy to find the way back to intimacy, trust and deep connection.
We offer during those week-end a safe space to :

  • Re-connect.
  • Discover new ways to see, listen and touch each other.
  • Open new channels of communication.
  • Learn how to make balanced & conscious agreements. 
  • Deepened the trust between you.
  • Share experience with other couples.

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